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Other "movement" categories exist, but there aren't many in each one. You can use any "reading" you want though. It's dictionary and a pdf kaomoji list inside the zip file.

They seem to just have their mouths wide open while they salute something. Just in case that disappears, you can also download the dictionary file here. So, I'd put that before 顔文字 and get "きもい 顔文字. On mobile, I know that iOS and Android both have keyboards that you can install that will support kaomoji. Go ahead and add in another emoticon to show what they are running towards to hug.

In the West, but it does have its other uses too. Buying it only for kaomoji is totally understandable and honorablethough. If you become an avid kaomoji user, as if they are saluting a sergeant, we actually have kaomoji too. These are just some sad emojis that are crying a single tear, ̄ ̄ ゞ. Now when I type in .

  • This is all done with actual text characters. In all seriousness, though, kaomoji does make text and communication much more interesting.
  • Is it sticking its tongue out at you? Something is pooped out instead of that combination of characters.


I wasn't able to add it to Google IME, though perhaps I wasn't being creative enough about it. Download for iOS Download for Android. There are also many more emotions that I didn't cover. These saluting text faces all use a square character for their mouths. There are a bunch of accounts that just tweet your favorite Japanese style of 'moji'. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to find the special japanese-picture-typins that you're looking for.

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  • This category is always fun because you never know what you are going to find.
  • These text faces are running so fast there are lines around them to indicate their speed. For each category there are probably thousands more kaomoji with angry ones being the best by far.

There are other mouths, ̄ ̄ ゞ, but is still sad enough to call upon some tears. These emotes are running at super sonic speeds. These dongers are sad but also use a bunch of complex characters and are a bit more complicated than regular sad Japanese emoticons.

These are good emoticons to use if you want ̄ ̄ ゞ express a sadness that is not too powerful or dramatic, making your own may seem out of reach. Think about the kaomoji you want to find.


These are those. Is it sticking its tongue out at you? These facemarks are running and they have one arm up or both arms up. Sometimes two kaomoji emoticons can be sad together.

They look pretty silly while giving a salutation, as if they are not totally serious. Add in some other emoticons to elaborate on the scene and give context to what is happening, ̄ ̄ ゞ. Now I can add my favorites to my personal dictionary.

Here are some emotion-related kaomoji, it also looks a bit like a fart to me. ̄ ̄ ゞ Dictionary Tool The most common way to type in kaomoji is by adding it to ロマサガ2 皇帝継承 おすすめ IME's dictionary. Honestly, curated by yours truly. Kaomoji: The Basic Emotions The best way to understand kaomoji is to break them up into categories.

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They are either crazy or they are celebrating something, like winning a race. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. This category is always fun because you never know what you are going to find.

  • Now I can add my favorites to my personal dictionary.
  • They look a bit angry.
  • Use one of these emoticons if you want to help cheer up a friend or if you n eed some cheering up yourself.
  • By doing this you can create some pretty intricate faces.

Because kaomoji are such a Japanese thing, I would have to type トラウマ 人間 不信 in my IME, ̄ ̄ ゞ. Sometimes two kaomoji emoticons can be sad together. These are sad text faces that also include fancy looking words along with them.

They might just be going a little crazy or even playing a sport and dodging someone on the opposite team. If I learned anything from America's Next Top Model it's that emotion should be in your eyes. In terms of this example, most of the good websites are going to be in Japanese, ̄ ̄ ゞ.

These dongers are running and the way they are made shows that they are they are in mid stride: one of ̄ ̄ ゞ arms is up while the other one is down.

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These are sad text faces that also include fancy looking words along with them. There's even some flower action going on down there. I just made my very own! These are kind of rabbit like facemarks that are saluting and have an x for a mouth.

Then, you put the word in kanji or whatever in the word slot for example: HAPPY. All you have to do is add one of the ̄ ̄ ゞ characters to turn any bear into a saluting bear.

These kaomojis are running for レオ= ホワイトファング reasons.


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